The main difference between a wheel hub and a bearing is how their assembling. Wheel bearings can be disassembled, lubricated, and reassembled for reuse. On the other hand, hub bearings come pre-packed by the manufacturer and are sold and installed as it is. They cannot be taken apart, and therefore replacement is the only option.

Wheel bearings have a lifespan of 136,000 to 160,000 kilometres. However, the actual life of wheel bearing depends on its quality and operating conditions. The wheel hub assemblies typically last for about 120,000 kilometers. A few signs of a bad wheel hub are:

  • Snapping, clicking, or popping 
  • Grinding when the vehicle is moving 
  • Knocking or clunking sounds
  • Humming, rumbling, or growling noises
  • Wheel wobbling
  • Vibrations at a constant speed
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