Constant Velocity joints or CV joints connect the drive axle and the wheels. They are covered with plastic or rubber boots to prevent the dirt and water from getting inside. Do not simply ignore any breakage in the axle boots because the joints might get corroded and can also lead to a complete breakdown. 

They are supposed to last as long as the vehicle’s usual lifespan but need regular inspection to ensure perfect condition. A regular check will ensure optimum performance and avoids possible major expenses and accidents.

Some of the signs of an axle boot gone bad are:

  • Rough vibrations coming from the front wheels
  • Clunking or other similar metallic noises
  • Shuddering of the vehicle
  • Uneven tire wearing

We advise getting the axle boots checked if you suspect any damage to them. A damaged boot can not only damage the other parts but may become a reason for accidents too.

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